Updated April 12, 2018

If you recently received a payment relating to the Diamonds Class Action, it is the result of a claim that you filed in the Diamonds Class Action Settlement. After all payments were processed, additional funds remained and have been distributed to eligible claimants. This payment must be cashed within sixty (60) days or you will forfeit your right to this recovery. This payment amount is final and cannot be appealed.

Originally, notifications and payments were sent to Consumer Claimants in June 2013. The Consumer Subclass Settlement Fund was divided pro rata among the Consumer Subclass members whose claims were approved for payment. Payments were calculated based on several factors, including how much you paid, the quantity and quality of the diamonds you purchased, the amount of money that was available for your Class or Sub-class, and how many Class Members filed claims. Additional details regarding how your claim was calculated is available in Appendix B of the Long Form Notice, which is available at this website. Originally, if your claim’s proportionate share of the Net Distribution Fund calculated to an amount that was less than $10.00, a check was not issued in accordance with the Order Approving Distribution of the Indirect Purchaser Consumer Subclass Settlement Fund. The court has now directed that eligible claimants receive the minimum payment amount.

In addition, pursuant to the Order of the Court, Initial Distribution checks were mailed to Authorized Direct Claimants on July 26, 2013. Please see the Direct Purchasers Home Page for information on the distribution.

In addition, pursuant to an Order of the Court, Initial Distribution checks were mailed to Authorized Reseller Claimants on August 31, 2012. The remaining proceeds of the Reseller Subclass Net Settlement Fund were distributed to Authorized Reseller Claimants on March 15, 2013. Please see the Resellers Home Page for more information about the Initial Distribution. Please visit this website periodically for any further updates.